Your expectations are our demands!



We supply a range of services related to installation, use and service & maintenance of surface- and well service equipment, including:

  • Site inspections, mobilizing and de-mobilizing Z-15 equipment in general, WIRELINE and MUDLOGGING equipment in particular

  • Service & maintenance of Z-015 equipment:

    • General service & maintenance (electro, hydraulics, pneumatic, HVAC)

    • Cleaning, sandblasting, surface treatment, painting

    • Refurbishing and lifetime extension, also on rig

    • Fault finding and fix (multi disciplinary)

    • Rebuild and modification

  • Functional and performance testing (pull testing) of wireline winches, which is of particular importance after major upgrades and maintenance activities prior to shipment offshore. A pull test by us will determine if the winch is performing as expected and required, both static (without movement) and dynamic (with movement), which again might affect operational cost.


  • Transport- and service&maintenance containers (with or without inventory/tools)

  • Containers, from simple workshops to ventilated pressurized units

  • Two-unit WIRELINE winch package consisting of:

    • Compact Electric-Hydraulic Wireline Winch

    • Combined Logging Workshop Unit

  • Personnel:

    • Wireline winch operators

    • Well service technicians


We also offer:

  • Thermography of electrical equipment within industry, agriculture, residential and offshore

  • Engineering within disciplines mechanical, structure, electro, hydraulics, automation, instrumentation, mechatronics and PLC programming

  • Product development (also for Ex areas with ATEX/IECEx certification)

  • Prototyping and validation/test of concepts, solutions and equipment

  • Technical consulting