Your expectations are our demands!


Our products range from mechanical constructions and solutions, included 3D-printed structures in stainless steel, via automation-and instrumentation systems and ventilated pressurized containers, to two-unit wireline winch package.


We design and produce most types of mechanical constructions and solutions, in materials as required, such as black steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We have extremely skilled employees and partners. When required, we also 3D-print stainless-steel structures.


In our automation and instrumentation solutions, we particularly focus on simplicity, ease-of-use and low-cost. New technologies are introduced and combined with traditional ones in an optimum between cost and value.

Some of automation products are:

  • Combined Pressure Control Panel (PCP) and Unit Control System (UCS) for pressurized- and ventilated containers
  • Fire&Gas System (FGS) for containers (Ex de)

We have several specialty products for WIRELINE and SURFACE LOGGING in our product portfolio:

  • Tension&Depth System (TDS) for wireline winches (winch-man panel)
  • System for quantitative measurement of real-time drilling cuttings from shaker (Cuttings Return Measurement System)

Z-015 Equipment

We develop and supply Z-015/DNV 2.7-1 containers and equipment for Zone 1/2, from simple workshops for cold work to ventilated pressurized containers equipped with our Pressure Control panel (PCP) with "smart" functions.

We supply our system for remote unit control, monitoring and diagnostics so that the unit itself warns about emerging maintenance needs and faults. We take responsibility for service and maintenance and for ensuring that the unit is operational as required.

Out two-unit WIRELINE winch package consists of:

  • Compact Electric-Hydraulic Wireline Winch
  • Combined Logging Workshop Unit

The package includes several innovative and cost reducing features. Among others can the winch unit be delivered with an integrated innovative damping system that reduces the risk for hidden damages during transportation and handling. The damping system makes it possible to transport the winch with pre-installed drum, reducing the required number of lift operations.